Whether your child needs intense therapy, or you as a parent just need a break, we can help! We individually tailor each child’s program to the needs of their family. The Children’s Adventure Center is proud to offer you the following services:

100_1385Habilitative Intervention – Habilitative Intervention is an intense behavioral therapy taught by professionals. Our professionals are experienced and thoroughly trained on evidence based practices. These professionals work to teach your child adaptive skills in the home and community setting.

Habilitative Supports – Habilitative supports provides your child with support while participating in community activities such as sporting events, church functions, girl scouts, and dance lessons.

Respite Services – Respite services provides caregivers with a break. While in respite, children engage in crafts, activities, field trips, and more! Respite can be held at the center, the community, or in your own home!

Family Training & Family Education – Family Training and Education provides caregivers with opportunities to be instructed on intervention techniques.